Friday, 25 January 2013

36 weeks

I am 36 weeks tomorrow and feeling every inch of it!
 I would normally post on the day or after but it's my eldest's 15th Birthday and we have so much planned all weekend. And on Monday I have a visitor coming. The Head of Midwifery in the hospital I am delivering at is coming to my house. Yup, talk about over the top. Firstly, I literally can't move my legs today. I need help going upstairs, getting shoes on turning over into bed and getting out of the bath. So now I need to get the house immaculate for her arrival. Yes, I could just leave it and blush, but I can't have someone like that think that things are slipping, or I am not coping. I would be mortified, but that's just me. So cue lots of prepping and extra cleaning. Fingers crossed it's just a bad few days and by Monday, things will be better.

 The reason she wants to come is that I finished my birth plan with regards to surrogacy and sent it over after the rude, condescending pain in the backside  community midwife called and chased me up with her usual tact.
 So this manager wants to talk about it with me. Uh, oh. So I will update the blog after then- she said on the phone that it was good, was straight to the point and concise. Let's hope that she won't object to much to what I have asked for. None of it was over the top of ridiculous  I may include it one day once it's approved.

Baby wise, feeling good in myself, baby is quieting down lately and my bump definitely dropped the last few days. I could feel her right down low and I could breath and bend over, and I had some lovely long, painful CXs which went to nothing in the end. But today, she is up back high again- all very normal to bob in and out with PG number 5 but still- I was getting my hopes up! Ooh and my breasts started leaking, right through my clothes (an unual thing this early on for me) so pumping will commence some time later next week and I have started taking EPO to see what it can do to my cervix for the possible induction.

Anyway, bump picture attached. Baby is measuring big, approximately 7 lbs already going by the chart but we all know they are often wrong. But I will admit, my bump is huge. As is my bum, legs, face, lets call it 5 lbs of baby and 2 lbs of cake ;-)

Excuse the trousers and T shirt- they are my best friends these days!

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  1. You look great! I am sure the midwife won't mind. At the end of pregnancy my house looks like a hurricane came through. :)

    I can't believe you are already 36 wks. Almost done!!