Tuesday, 29 January 2013

All set

The meeting with the Head of Midwifery went really really well. She was lovely and actually, similar to me in her approach.
 S was here after getting we have decided to try and see this through to the end and he took the day off to be there. And just that fact that we saw her, in our house, away from my IPs and as a couple really helped him feel connected and a part of things. She definitely erred on the side of the surrogate despite knowing C at work and that was reassuring. She reassured us that I was the number one most important thing so she won't put up with any nonsense from staff or Ips.

 Anyway, most of the plan I can have as I requested, there are one or two things that I has suspected wouldn't be able to happen, and I was right- all normal things like being able to leave before the baby, or vice versa, but N is going to be allowed to do the day to day care and we can have a side room. Phew. So now the forms are all signed, she has assured me that there will multiple copies in all notes and every MW on shift will know the score.

 So on the back of that, S took me shopping to get my last minute things for my hospital bag and now that is all packed too, minus the last minute things like phones and chargers. So, things are set!

I am a bit pissed with a new insight into my IF as the HOM who came to our house, has known him for such a long time and had been trying to talk him around to the home birth idea. It was my original idea as it would make everyone's life easier, including theirs but him being who he is, he didn't like the idea. She also admitted that me delivering at the other hospital like I wanted would have been much easier and preferable to her professionally. But again C didn't see the point and I was guided by him. There are few other things that apparently have been said but I am not going to pay attention to those and just knuckle down.

I have started Evening Primrose Oil vaginally now and last night I managed to find my cervix relatively easy. On an amateur scale, I would say that I was already a 1-2 cm and 50% effaced, as my cervix was quite flat, soft and slightly open. All good news! Oh and baby was incredibly low again this AM as I could bend right over to put on a sock without feeling out of breath! Things are looking good!

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