Monday, 24 September 2012

18 weeks!

Ok, so I have been missing in action for a few weeks so sorry about that. But i just haven't had much to say!

Everything is ticking along nicely, no new health issues, baby is kicking away nicely, I am feeling great and my house hasn't been so tidy! I have finally cracked open the maternity jeans and they are like heaven itself but I bought a size too big as I guess I have a warped body image at the moment. So going to find smaller later today. All the tests for Downs and Spina Bifida came back good and my blood counts are fine too.

We went to my IPs house at the weekend for dinner and it was nice to see them after their trip away and IFs trip to Madagascar. I had been feeling a little in my own world re the pregnancy and it was nice to see their expectant happy faces again to be reminded what this is all about, why I am doing what I am doing. Illustrates, that I couldn't ever been one of those surrogates who doesn't see her IPs from month to month. Not because I am needy, or greedy, but just to be reminded that the achy back, or not being about to go jogging, or what I will have to go through in a few months, will be all worth it!

The response I have had from the school gates and in meeting people in real life has been amazing and I would say 90% of people have been so amazed and in awe. Which is great! The rest, well, they don't seem to know what to say to me which is fine. My neighbour knew, and I knew she knew and it took her a week to summon the courage to approach me. She simply said that she didn't know if she should be saying congratulations or what, but she thought was I was doing was such a cool thing and it was amazing.

Unfortunately, there is a stupid Soap here in the Uk that has a surrogacy story in it- I don't watch it, but I haven't heard good things mainly regarding money and I wondered if people would change their perceptions of me. My OH has a work colleague and he came up and just asked out right if we were doing it for the money and what if my friends think that of me? I am maybe being paranoid I guess, and it doesn't really matter anyway because I know it is a gift I am giving, that you can't be paid to be a surro in this country and I am taking less expenses that nationally recognised as a good amount by courts and agencies anyhow. I am just going to concentrate on growing this little fella and getting to the finish line. Its almost our 20 week scan, half way and going so quickly! I don't mind being pregnant, don't get me wrong, but I am eager to get to the finish line, where my life becomes normal again and I will have achieved this huge thing too! That will be the real test and one where I know I have done it.

Pictures coming soon!

Sunday, 2 September 2012

15 weeks

Yes, only 25 to go, ha ha!
 Symptom wise, feeling really good surprisingly. I have lots of energy back, and have even got back to gardening and baking etc. I still like to have half an hour snooze on the sofa in the afternoon if I can that just perks me up until the kids bed time but I like to think that its just the baby having a little peace and quiet in this mad house!
Sickness has gone thankfully, although again, i can't miss a meal and have to have an afternoon snack just to tide me over and keep going.

Baby is moving around lots and the little tiny kicks are occurring. They are so faint, much like a bubble popping, but so lovely. He is definitely more active in the afternoon and evening- I am thinking a night owl just like his mummy and daddy and not like me! He he!

I have my next midwife appointment this week and bloods for the Triple Test as they couldn't measure the babies neck properly at the NT scan. Unfortunately IPs are away on another holiday, this time to Greece- I can't help but laugh at them and shake me head. In a way that says, enjoy it guys, this will be last year in 18 that you will be able to take off so much time and go off somewhere warm!! And deep down, I think they are pleased!