Monday, 21 January 2013

35 week post

Today we are 35 plus 2 and I am feeling much like my old self in terms of my last past. This is what I mean about swings and round a bouts, hormonal roller coasters. I just need to ride the wave and not panic next time. But at the moment emotionally I am feeling great and very excited and mentally prepared. Lots of other births going on around me that I am learning from and taking comfort in. I am on the hunt for a breast pump this week that I will start to use from 37 weeks. We have the syringes and their stoppers organised and I am learning to hand pump to to be able to collect the colostrum but I am not particularly hopeful I will get much- it is so early and I was an awful expresser anyhow. But MW said at least the very first feed is all i need to worry about, so about 10 ml which regulates baby sugars and coats the stomach ready for the formula so that is may aim. It's good to have aims!

 Physically, I haven't been able to take my Codeine for 3 days and I haven't slept as a consequence. That one or two little tablets mean that I don't wake myself up every time I move through pain, mean that my hips don't ache within minutes of laying there and I feel more relaxed. However, I am hoping to be able to take one tonight and sleep like a baby, as tired isn't the word! I have been nesting like a maniac lately too, but I can't mop, hoover, move things very well, so I am buying storage left right and centre and then taking my time to sort bits out and organise. Very frustrating, but that sums up the last few weeks anyway!

I also ordered a necklace for my IM to give to her on 'D day', which is from a seller on Etsy. It is a chain with two round silver tags on- one with two tiny feet imprinted on it and the other say the word 'Believe'. I had it in mind from day one for her as she really needed to believe that this could happen. I just have to pay the customs on it ( I didn't think of that btw, so be prepared to factor that into the total price!) and then find something for my IF. He is the worst person to buy for and has anything that he would ever need. Well apart from the baby of course, but I wanted something for them to have on the day to remember it by. I had better get looking as we *should* only have 3 weeks and 3 days left! Eek!

Bump picture to come soon.