Tuesday, 16 April 2013


Ok,so about 10 months ago, I 'met' a lady who had joined several of the FB surrogacy groups and wa just learning all about this crazy world. She still had two more rounds of IvF using her own eggs to undertake, but after 5 previous cycles, and two clinics, it wasn't looking good.
We always got on well on the boards, we shared the same sense of humour and for the next 4 months and two failed transers including a miscarriage, we continued to email each other every now and then.
Likewise, she was there for me during the last few weeks of the pregnancy as a friend and even when I was adamant, I mean telling every body and any body, that I wasn't ever going again, she was still just a great friend. I promised her back last summer, due to just how lovely I found her, that I would help her match if she needed a surrogate and even promised to wear a sandwich board to try and find her perfect match.

Well,soon as I was home from having Evie, I knew i would do it again, I literally couldn't wait to experience that awesome feeling of helping someone again. I spoke to the children only 3 weeks post natal, and they all jumped at the chance to do it again, and whilst my husband and I still working through our residual issues, was just as blown away with the experience and he too would like to do it again, this time, as he said, properly and with his full support.

Little did I know that this lady (is another N) was secretly watching my vlogs, and learning everything she needed to know about the process, the laws, whilst taking an interest in my life too via emails 5 or 6 times a day. So imagine her surprise when I told her we would all love to do another journey, and specifically, her.
We have met up, 3 times now, with the kids and without, they stayed at a near by hotel and we made a weekend of it one time and we are certain that we want to help.

This is the first potential match, that I have seen my husband actually laughing and joking with them, they are just like us. They don't have pots of money, and are generally down to earth people, with normal jobs and normal lives. He genuinely enjoys their company and he is just as emotionally invested in helping them as I am. It's already making a huge difference in how things are playing out and the support he is giving me.

Anyway, I have the doctors this week to be signed off medically ok to carry again, our agreement is almost complete, and we re just doing blood tests.

With the way that it will all work out, is that we will be TTc June or July time again, which will leave us plenty of time to have our family time, my body to recover and carrying on getting to know one another properly.

I know people will ask what's the rush, but before N and I seriously talked about matching, I knew that if something were to happen, it would need to be sooner rather than later as I'm not getting any younger, my college courses and work experience needs to tie in and it leaves the option of doing a sibling for c and n the following year. I want to hang up the old uterus by 35 and be able to start my new career at the same time.
I am a huge believer this time around in not making things fit, like I did last match, not pushing and doing lots of encouragement. It has to all fit in and slot in organically for myself and my family and so far, it's all going extremely well and easy. More to come soon.......l

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