Friday, 26 April 2013

New blog

There will be a new blog soon, for my next journey!
  I am still losing weight and the agreement is almost finished. My Insurance is set up and S and I are still doing really really well. We have the odd tiff about silly things, like any couple, but the huge fundamentals are dealt with and I don't know the last time in 10 years, where our relationship has been so good.

  The children are all doing really well, we saw Baby E yesterday as FIM brought her round for a cup of tea and they all got cuddles and pictures. Once they had gone, life just snapped back in to place again and shows how well they have all adjusted.

The doctor has given me the ok to start TTC now, my cycles are back to 27 days as per usual and I am back to charting in readiness.

I am still getting on really well with PIP N and her husband and we have met up a few more times since and the match is strengthening over the time. I do feel that there is just a bit of waiting and standstill going on as we won't start till June or July but that is just the impatient person in me!

So my life is pretty great right now. I have a friend back in my life that I need and have missed,  and now try to surround myself with great, supportive people and a supportive family too!

New blog link coming.....

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  1. Hi Roz,
    You are such a wonderful person to help people out by being a GS. We are a heterosexual couple looking for a surrogate angel to help us build the family and wonder if you are open in being a GS again? Please write to me and i really look forward to hearing from you. :) Cheers, Ellen