Thursday, 3 January 2013

Less than 6 weeks left with any luck!

Happy New Year everyone! This year, I am going to be having a baby for C and V, making a family and making them into parents! Can you tell I am very excited.

 I am almost 33 weeks and the potential/hopeful induction will be in 5 weeks and 5 days time. I am trying to view it as just an appointment, very early in the morning to see if my cervix is favorable for labour so I don't get my hopes up. Regardless, it is helping me psychologically every time I feel hopeless and down with pain and limited mobility.  And the pain killers are helping physically too.  Quite a bit more sleep is happening which makes the world a brighter place in general.

The SPD pain is terrible this last week, but I sort of expected it, with this gestation and the fact that we had Christmas and I probably over did it. Well, I have 4 children, it was inevitable. I won't go in to why our Christmas, my Birthday and New Year was horrendous but it was and lets just say that I am grateful that it is over and now I can focus on the next 6 weeks!

 My IPs are still great, taking us out to see a Pantomime, giving us really thoughtful gifts and then throwing me a birthday tea including cake to take home with me. In return, I put together a Xmas hamper for them, with their favourite foods and things that they will need when baby will be here too and they loved it.

As for baby, she is still hurting me! I have never known a baby to move so much, from so early on and for it to hurt so much. I should be grateful and I am, honestly, but it does make me worry a little- how big she is or do I have a low level of liquor? Certainly feels like it and i am beginning to dread her having one of her very frequent disco jives as it is so uncomfortable. Bad bad surrogate.....

That is it for now. I think baby has a name according to C and V but it isn't official yet, so I will keep quiet till I know for sure!

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