Thursday, 20 December 2012

Induction and Pain killers

The meeting with the OB GYN went well, and he was friendly and professional despite knowing C and V personally. Infact he sent them out of the room so we could talk honestly which was nice.

 We discussed what was going on and I even divulged some GYNAE issues i am having too. He checked that I have had the right Physio and being taking the right precautions- belts, tubi grips, paracetomol etc. I thought I would lose control a few times as I had to tell him what has been going on with regard to not being able to drive, shop, clean and even bathe the children, and all for someone else but I kept that lump in my throat at bay!

So I have a prescription for some stronger pain killers that are suitable for the third trimester up to 4 times a day. But we both decided that i will start off taking them once at night so I can at least sleep through a night. We agreed that if you can at least sleep then everything looks better in the light of day, then up them If i need. I of course checked with C and V that there were happy with me taking them and they are- they are very much in favour of traditional methods such as painkillers.

He also offered to induce me at 38 weeks. Wow. I assumed it would have been harder than that LOL. However, he said that he wanted to try a method that was kinder to my body and the baby. He wanted me in at 8am and i will be given two doses, 6 hours apart, of Prostin gel. Then he will see if cervix is favourable and if it is, he will break my waters. If not, and its a case that my body just isnt ready and it's too soon, then I will go home and wait a few more days or a week and try again. It sounds so much better than starting a Pit drip regardless of my body not being ready. That of course means that a C section is more likely, usually after a horrible drawn out painful labour and that would be catastrophic for me. There is no way I would be able to get the kids to school if I couldn't drive for 6 weeks! So with all this in mind I opted for 38 plus 4, hoping that those extra few days would mean it will work first time, the date falls within a half term for the children and baby will be more 'cooked'. So 13th February it is!
 I have been induced the previous 3 times, for  different reasons and different ways, but with baby number 3 I only had Prostin gel and responded well so hoping that it's the same again!

 Just the thought of a definite date helps so much when I literally am just sobbing my eyes out in pain and frustration. He completely understood this and likened it to some SAS training. Strange analogy, but it made sense. its not about being physically strong but mentally too and having an actual date to work towards, makes you work harder at it.  I can actually tell my children only x amounts of weeks left when I can't take them to the park. If that ramble makes sense!? God, i am rambling again sorry.....

 We aren't really telling many people of the actual date in case it doesn't work and I am sent home to wait a few further days. because by god, I know I will be unbearable and I won't need well meaning people calling me up and ask if I had the baby yet. Those weeks are bad enough as it is!

So as of today I have 7 weeks and 6 days left. There really isn't medals for doing everything as natural as possible by the way. I get sick of some people's bragging. I am all for bithing drug free, I use hypnobirthing myself and i enjoy the calm, quiet way I deliver. But no one comes around the maternity ward and hands out certificates for the least amount of intervention afterwards. A healthy baby and happy mummy is all that matters at the end of the day or in this case, a healthy baby, happy surrogate, a happy daddy, a happy mummy and a happy surrogate mothers family too!

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  1. Big hugs. Not much longer. Its hard when you feel crappy. I was ready to deliver the other night. Was just done with it. I hope you get some better days ahead of you.