Saturday, 8 December 2012

29 weeks

There isn't much to update really, the baby is doing well, and becoming even stronger- her movements hurt my stomach at the moment. But then she has always been very strong and active. I saw the midwife this week and they still don't know why I am having the tightening's  They aren't as frequent any more, but when I do get them, i have to breath through them sometimes.
 My blood pressure was a great 110/55, baby is head down and i had my bloods taken for the routine tests. Results will be in some time this coming week. Oh and baby is measuring 2 weeks ahead already, according to fundal height. Joy! My last was 9lb 7 oz so as they tend to get bigger, i am thinking at least 10lbs?

 The SPD is hitting hard, with me not really able to do much already. For instance, i can't walk around a department store for 30 minutes and drive home, without being in agony 4 hours later and my right leg just doesn't 'pick up', which can be a pain as then I trip myself up. And then things like cooking, walking and driving the children to school are a no go.
 I have asked to see an Obstetrician at the local hospital to see about pain medications or a longer term plan. I quite liked the idea of not having to see one this time, and be purely midwife led, but I am hoping that he has an answer.
 There is talk that they would induce me a week early like they did for my son, but I need to be sure that it's the right thing to do for the baby and the Ips are in agreement. I am not usually one of those people who want baby out asap, but I am finding myself spending more and more time laying down, not doing much and getting myself rather down. And in a TS situation, I can't risk that. I already spend a lot of time wallowing and I know i shouldn't. But the pain is terrible, and I am one of those people who pride themselves on being able to be everything to everyone. The fact that I can't mop up a dirty floor or even bath my children sucks. A week doesn't sound a lot, but psychologically to have a date to work towards, to plan for. is invaluable when everything is so painful and means that I will only have 10 weeks left maximum. Especially as I know it will only get worse as the weeks go on. But then again, I don't want to evict her before she is ready, so I will be guided by a majority decision and see where it leads us!

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