Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Colostrum harvesting......

Is hard! From half an hour of pumping and sucking the individual drips with the syringe, I managed 0.02 mls. That is nothing from the work I put in and how my breasts felt afterwards. The pumping part is easy, there seems to be a lot of let down already in colostrum but its the collection part that is fiddly, time consuming and hit and miss. I need 4 hands but i will keep persevering!

Ooh and cervix is easier to reach, i have a slight upset tummy again and I think I lost my mucous plug last night. My IPs took me out for a spontaneous lunch today and bought me a present- an IPad with engraving on the back, to mark our journey and their gratitude. I am so blessed which is why I feel like I want to try my very best for them in return. Fingers crossed tonight that the collection is easier!!

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